Responsible Foam

Responsible House is proud to exclusively offer Responsible Foam. Responsible Foam is a four-part process that begins with the proper design, then ventilation, then verification, and ending with certification of the foam insulation.


Design: The type of foam, and where and how the foam is applied, is the most important aspect of foam insulation. To the untrained eye, all foam jobs are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Ventilation: We ventilate the work area both during the foam insulation process and for 24 hours afterward. We use specially designed, high-volume fans to target the effected air for cleaning.
Verification: Unlike insulation companies, we scientifically verify that the foam insulation was properly installed.



Responsible Attic

Responsible House exclusively offers our Responsible Attic. A Responsible Attic is one possible solution to energy loss. Hot (in the summer) and cold (in the winter) attics present lots of issues to a building’s energy efficiency. We can help you solve the problems of hot and cold attics. Plenty of insulation companies will happily sell you insulation for your attic. But they are not taking into account moisture and fresh-air requirements – both of which effect the safety and integrity of your structure. Plus, insulation companies do not verify or certify their installations. Exclusive Responsible Attic is designed, verified, and certified. Contact us for more information.