Your architect is making progress on the plans for your new home, or maybe a designer has finally drawn your dream kitchen remodel, or you just have some dreams scribbled down on a yellow legal pad. Now you need to find someone to make these plans and dreams become a reality. Everyone warns you, or you've experienced it yourself that this will be an arduous journey with bumps in the road and you want to find someone who can get you over all the hurdles.

We've been building for 23 years and love to make dreams a reality. We are renowned for our ability to follow challenging architectural plans precisely, and seamlessly coordinate the work of engineers, designers, architects and our own crews. Familiarity with the road ahead allows us to smooth out the process for you and make it as enjoyable as possible. We are transparent and informative - letting you know what is coming and what might have changed in the implementation of your project.

For the first decade of our business we built structures to last. That was our goal and we were always able to accomplish it. That is the past, in which many contractors are still living. Now, we focus not just on longevity and stability, but efficiency. Hiring us brings added benefits to the construction or renovation process. We can increase the efficiency and comfort of your home, and reduce your carbon footprint and your utility bills. We have built passive homes, solar powered homes and many that are wildly energy efficient. Our customers rave about our work, they call us back to work on little projects and talk about their comfort and utility bills with big smiles.

What our colleagues and clients have to say:

"I have worked with Responsible House on several projects. I am an architectural designer, and my clients have been delighted with their schedule and professional manner. As a designer, I appreciate that if there is ever any doubt, they request clarification on a particular detail before beginning that part of the construction. My client told me that they miss having William and Warren around - their kindness goes a long way!"

Janey T./ Review

"Our project consisted of a kitchen/bath/bedroom remodel - a roughly 5 month project. William and his team were the consummate professionals throughout--skilled, knowledgeable, straightforward and direct. They provided advice and recommendations when needed and dealt promptly with any problems that arose. While the scope of the project expanded beyond the original plan, the cost was still well below the estimate we received from another contractor. We are delighted with the results of their work and have no hesitation in recommending Responsible House to other homeowners. And not least, William and Warren are just fun to have around--we miss them!"

Kay B./ Review

"The most amazing contractors I have ever worked with - William saved us! You will not find anyone as professional and competent - not only in the valley but honestly anywhere.
I have had so many bad experiences - Responsible House can and will get any job you need done! And go the extra mile.
While my project started in 2016 I continue to work with Responsible House on other projects."

Dahlia N./ Review

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