Drafty House and Cold Feet

Heater keeps running, but your feet are still cold? Tired of drafty rooms? We specialize in making your home an energy efficient home. A home where the air flow brings comfort, and not chills. Let us troubleshoot common air leaks in your home (Hint, it’s not the windows and doors, as you may think). We can show you how to stop the leaks in your home and bank account.
A short video of potentially one of the largest air leaks in your home.
We can fix that!

What our clients and colleagues have to say:

"I am saving approximately 20% on my energy bills and find the problem areas of my house to be much more comfortable."

"Lower bills, equal cooling throughout the house. Can't wait to see what winter is like."

"So far we have only been through the winter and have experienced warmer rooms. We look forward to seeing if there is also a difference in the inside summer temperature. Lower gas bill."

Air sealing is the most overlooked solution to a drafty house. It is the #1 thing we do that can turn your house into a warm, cozy haven you won't want to leave. It all starts with the law of thermodynamics: warm goes to cold, wet goes to dry and high pressure goes to low pressure. When the air outside is frigid and you have heated the air in your house to a nice 68 degrees, that warmth wants to escape...and it will if you don't stop it!

The most common places for air leaks are in the top and bottom planes of your house. This usually consists of attics, crawl spaces and basements. In the attic there are chimneys, bathroom vents, HVAC vents, dryer vents, solar tubes and the like that go through the roof and leave gaps where air can escape. We often also find improperly installed vents that need repair and chimneys with undetected problems. If you have drop down stairs for your attic, that often does not have a seal and is leaking warm, conditioned air into your unconditioned air in the attic. A typical attic has blown insulation and batted insulation stacked up, which acts as a great air filter, but without air sealing first, it does little to keep your heated air in your house. Using a blower door test, an infrared gun and our extensive construction experience, we find those leaks. We repair or replace faulty vents and chimneys, utilize our carpentry skills to build structures that will seal off large holes, and use silicon and foam insulation to air seal where leaks are found. We also test the air sealing once we are done and go back and fill in those little gaps that are frequently missed on the first go.

In the basement we find concrete slabs, large gaps between the foundation and where the framing began, flimsy doors that lead to cold crawl spaces, batted insulation hanging down and not in contact with the floor above to name a few. In either the basement, attic or crawl spaces we will find your duct work and. It is often tangled and inefficient and is sometimes not sealed itself and leaking into your basement or attic. We find these problems with our duct blaster, blower door, infrared gun and our knowledge of how houses are put together to locate the culprits or your air loss. Duct work can be replaced or rearranged and repaired. You may have a mismatched HVAC system that is too large or to small for your demand. We again use our carpentry skills and air sealers to solve these problems too. Our favorite fix for a basement (and what we always recommend when building) is in-floor radiant heat. It will keep your basement snug and that warm basement will help warm the floors above. We tell our customers that every time they walk down into their basement and feel the warmth they'll think, "I love Responsible House."

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Photo Credits: Kevin Blackburn