Return on Investment/Attracting Clientele

Becoming a Certified ResponsibleSpace will set you apart and attract environmentally-conscious clientele.

​Combining our experience in commercial construction, energy retrofits and property management, we understand the mindset and needs of commercial building owners and have the skill set to lower your operating costs and attract clientele. We test large, commercial and institutional buildings for energy loss and provide you with a proposal of how to fix the problems your building experiences. 

Our report also includes a break down of projected energy cost savings, so you can calculate your return on investment while hearing your tenants sing your praises for added comfort, increased air quality and lower utility bills.

The Columns at Six Penny Farm was able to build a second venue complete with a solar array.

Sherpa Forest has straw-bale construction, geothermal heating and active solar!

Afton Mountain Bed & Breakfast now has a solar installation in large measure due to the expertise of AltEnergy and Responsible Space.

Here are 3 of the local businesses we have been able to help:


Responsible Space is depended upon by local, small businesses to successfully complete their application for a REAP (Rural Energy for America) grant and/or loan. Through this USDA program, small businesses in eligible areas can receive loans and grants to increase their energy efficiency including solar installation. Many small businesses combine their commercial and residential addresses and they must have an Energy Usage Audit performed to determine that the business side is using a large enough percentage of the energy to qualify for the program. This is a nitty-gritty bureaucratic process that we have successfully negotiated - helping local businesses complete over $100,000 in REAP projects.

Check your business address eligibility here and contact us to help you secure your grant and/or loan and complete your energy efficiency projects.